Hey so this is my first actual post on this blog and hope i can continue to run this and not just start it and then not continue.

Well happy first day of spring, today was about 60 degrees and i felt like i was going to MELT. Spring break ended and it’s time to once again start HITTING THE BOOKS. BUT PLEASE NOT LITERALLY.

Today being Monday meant shorter classes so i didn’t get to take a big book with me but rather took two mangas with me to school. The second volume in S.A.O’s girl O.P.S and volume 6 in the series So Cute it Hurts.

They were both enjoyable and short. Yet the S.A.O manga was not what i expected and i rated it 3 stars. although we do get to see the supporting characters get their own mini series they continued to   mostly just served as fanservice. *whispers* mostly Lefa.

As for  So Cute it Hurts, this series is mostly a cute romantic story and was honestly everything advertised. Not only does it have a cute romance stories but the characters are really cute and EXTREMELY AWKWARD IT’S JUST SO ADORABLE GO READ THIS NOW!!

That’s all for today keep your eyes open for my future posts and remember to send any requests or just talk to me about what i post.


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