Friday Library Book Haul,March Wrap Up,TBR and TBW

Hey guy it’s Saturday, First day of the month we have been having amazing weather just rain all week!
Which is why in preparation for the continuing rain weather i have once again stocked up on library books. Although i go just about every week to the library the rainy weather can at times keep me from my precious books new books. I also wanted to talk about the book i have read in the month of March and talk about my TBR.

So this week I once again got some new manga. I think it might be the fact that spring is coming or just the rainy weather but I am really enjoying shojo mangas and anime right now. ME, i can barely get through a contemporary novel about girls in highschool who are in love “with the most popular boy in school”. Maybe because of all the cliches that are used more often nowadays, sure some are cute but THIS IS SO PREDICTABLE IT’S NOT FUNNY. Although I guess manga and anime are just much cooler that way.

Well this week i got quite a few books mostly mangas but a few books here they are:

First of the Mangas:

Say I Love You, volumes 1-16 This series is about a girl named Mei Tachibana, who after suffering through her elementary school being bullied by her classmates has sworn off friends and trusts no one. Until one day and when Mei-chan kicks the school’s most popular boy Yamato Kurosawa on accident. Yamato-kun attracted to this girl that no one seems to know nothing about and falls for Mei-chan and begins to pursuit her. I have actually read the first few mangas about two years ago but had yet to get my hands on the next ones and then i found out that the latest volume was published in December. So you can bet your money that I put them on hold at the library as soon as i saw they had them.

Kiss Him, Not Me! volumes 1-4  This is a shoujo manga (slice of life or maybe thing kind of contemporary) that tells the story of Serinuma Kae  a second year high school student who is a bit overweight and also loves anime you mean me and is a hardcore shipper that she even ships her classmates. So as she was watching her favorite anime the worst thing that can happen to a fangirl happened….her favorite anime character dies which basically depresses her for a whole week which had her lock herself in her room for 1 week without food. After that week she emerges model skinny. When she finally makes it back to school 4 of the cutest boys in the school ask her out on dates which she accept them all on their offer. So as the manga series continues we follow the story of how all these boys fight for Kae-kun’s attention and Kae’s crazy and relatable habits as a fangirl as well as the boys helpless attempts to gain the attention of a girl who is busy shipping them with each other than focusing on them.

Seraph of the end : vampire reign. 1: As i’ve said before i live and strife on anything that is not contemporary and has supernatural things and action. So i am eager to read this manga sere. My friend loved it so much that she was in tears when she was talking about it. So i have high hopes for this. Well first of this serie is about a boy named Yuichiro. After all the adults die from some sort of sickness and all that is left are the teens and children vampires rise up and take over the people that are left and force them in captivity. Yuichiro and some of his friends are kept in a place acting as a orphanage.  Somehow Yuichiro escapes and apparently pays a price for that. He later then  joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and prepares to fight the vampires.

Now for just books:

The End of Oz: This is the fourth and final instalment to the Dorothy Must Die Series. To not spoil much for those who haven’t read this series and plan to all i have to say is this takes place after the cliffhanger that was seen in the third book Yellow Brick War.

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark :This is just exactly what it sound like one of those edited Shakespeare novels. Just the story of Hamlet with the basic editing that makes it a lot more understandable than the Elizabethan English it is in with additional notes with meanings.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: It is the same for the Hamlet book, but it’s just a  Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet: Once again this is just the same story but just edited to a more understandable way of reading.

Now on to the March Wrap Up

March has been a busy month. Both in school and in my reading. Meaning i spent a lot of my time procrastinating and ignoring people in class to read. So my Goodreads reading challenge looks pretty good so far and i have been enjoying a lot of good book including those that we had to read in English class. So without further wait here is what i read this month.

  1. Assassination classroom volumes 2-3 by Matsui, Yūsei: Rating 5 stars  These books are the continuation to the first Assassination Classroom manga series. the story is about a class in japan that has one task… Kill. Their. Teacher…….sounds intensive and controversial but there teacher is actually this alien that has blown up the moon to a permanent crescent shape and promises to do that to the world at the end of the school year. He for some reason has stuck a deal with the government to let him teach the lowest students at a private school. So taking this opportunity the government assigns the student to attempt to kill their teacher and gain a reward of  100 million dollars.
  2. Sword Art Online: Girls’ Ops. Vol. 1-2 by Kawahara, Reki: Rating 2 stars These mangas were just a little side story to the series Sword Art Online. Its an interesting story but has just about no purpose to the serie itself other than getting t know the characters. Even though this series is based around the they are just about as useless as always. (my opinion)
  3. So Cute It Hurts Vol. 6-9 by Ikeyamada, Gō: Rating 5 stars  Not just because they are really cute and awkward. This series is about two twins Megumu, who goes to an all girl school, and Mitsuru, who goes to an all boy school, Kobayashi. They were both named after historical figures but only Megumu grew to have an interest in them, while Mitsuru is in risk of having to serve weekend history classes. In order to avoid that Mitsuru dress as him and take the test for him. the series then follows their journey as the crossdress and even find love.
  4. Orange; The Complete Collection. Vol.1 by Takano, Ichigo: Rating 4.5 stars This series is about an 11th grade girl named Naho who on the day of the school’s entrance ceremony she receives a letter from herself 10 years in the future. At first she believes the letter is a prank until everything written on it was coming true. The letters especially tell her of the new student that would come to the class named Kakeru and how she needs to keep an eye on him because she is the only one that can protect him from a terrible future. This series is honestly really cute and makes you question the future, the decision and acts we make. While also still being a tad romantic. i wish i could give it a 5 stars but at time i had some problems with the main character and her hesitations eve though they do make sense and i would probably do the same thing it would get frustrating at times.
  5. Voice Over!: Seiyu Academy. Vol.3 by Minami, Maki: Rating 4 This story is about a girl named Hime Kino, a girl that aspires to be a famous Voice Actor like her idol. Her first step to achieve this was getting accepted to Holly Academy’s voice acting department. But her harsh voice has her gain the dislike and is mocked by both her teachers and classmates. The series follows her journey to fulfill her dream and become a most famous voice actor. I really enjoyed the story and the characters are really adorable but i have yet to truly be attached to them so this just gets 4 stars.
  6. My Little Monster. Vol.3 by Robico: Rating 3 stars These series is about a girl named Shizuku Mizutani a girl that is obsessed with grades and a boy named Haru Yoshida who is seen as a delinquent by most of their classmates. These two meet by chance and form an unusual pair, in which Haru tells Mizutani he is in love with her while she just believes he is insane. so far the series follows the ups and downs of this unusual pair. This gets 3 stars because its a really adorable story and the pairing is so cute unusual, but i feel nothing for the characters. Hopefully this will change
  7. He’s My Only Vampire. Vol. 1-2 by Shouoto, Aya: Rating 3 stars this story is about a girl named Kana and how when she one day encounters her long lost childhood friend then shortly suffers an accident that changes her cliche. She is then rescued by and taken into a world she knew nothing of by…..(wait for it)…….her long lost friend Aki shocker i know!! please note i’m being sarcastic. She now becomes Aki’s thrall aka blood slave?? from there she learns she has to help him get these things called Stigma.  The concept behind this is pretty interesting as well as the mythology. the characters themself are pretty interesting and a bit adorable. BUT the first book seems slightly rushed with the whole main plot basically my own complaint but it seems like a big thing for me.
  8. A World Without Princes (The School For Good and Evil #2) by Soman Chainani: Rating 5 This book is the sequel to The School For Good and Evil and picks up right after the ending. I am not going to judge this   because i am very in love with this series and am anxiously waiting for the 4th book so im just going to make you all wait for the full review.
  9. A Raisin in the Sun by Hansberry, Lorraine: rating 3 stars so this is just a classic we were readig in english class that i had high hopes for. Which were killed. Very slowely. When we first starting reading this in class  i was hoping for a good story about segregation and the life of a colored person during this time. I insted got a half good story that leaves a lot of the ends loose and open to anything without much finality.

Now for the long TBR

  1. The Last Ever After (The School for Good and Evil #3) (currently reading) by Soman Chainani
  2. Ice like Fire by Sara Raasch
  3. The School for Good and Evil : The Ever Never Handbook by Soman Chainani
  4. The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E Pearson
  5. Sword art online : Aincrad. 1 by Reki Kawahara
  6. Enchanted by Alethea Kontis
  7. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman 
  8. The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  9. Here we are : feminism for the real world by Kelly Jensen
  10. Fruits basket. 1 by Natsuki Takaya
  11. Everything you need to ace American history in one big fat notebook : the complete middle school study guide by Rothman, Lily,
  12. Wandering star : a Zodiac novel
  13. by Russell, Romina 
  14. Cirque du Freak. A living nightmare by Shan, Darren
  15. Assassination classroom. 4-7 by Matsui, Yūsei,
  16. InuYasha. Vol. 1-3 by Takahashi, Rumiko,
  17.  The devil is a part-timer! 2 Wagahara, Satoshi.

Finally My TBW

This is a new section I am making for recommendations and just things i’m watching. This month I have yet to major plan what i am going to watch but have the general list of what i need to finish and start.

Inuyasha: Currently watching and on episode 135.

Merlin: I have like 12 episodes left but i don’t want to finish it

Sherlock: I have 5minutes left of season 3 and all of season 4

Supernatural: I just need to catch up to the last two episodes

13 Reasons Why: This thing finally came on!!!! you have no idea how long i have been waiting for this and now it’s on Netflix and i am not ready. HELP!! I will probably finish it by next week.

Help i need a live. just kidding i have no need for one

Well thanks for reading this far and comment what your planns for this April are and Happy April Fools Day!!


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