Writing Challenge, Take One!

Hey guys it’s late Sunday and I finally got around to posting this  for the prompt  I posted Monday. I spent most of the week staring at a blank document and finally this weekend I got inspiration…But we had to paint the basement. So yeah, I forgot writing is not easy. No didn’t i was just in denial about it being hard. Well without further wait let’s get right to it. Here are the Prompts one more for both my help and your own to what I am writing about.

plot idea: Have a controversial thing with witches being nice and healing people and helping. While having  angels being badass and wanting to start the apocalypse. Idea: Have a demon deal with the witch. The witch and demon becoming best friends.???

“Brujeria”. -Witchcraft-  that’s what they  blame whenever something doesn’t go their way or is unexpected. But is it really our fault when the the government begins failing, marriages are broken and children start disappearing. We are always the ones blamed for the misfortune of others when they could be wrong about us. For all people know we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and have nothing to do with their misfortune.  Or maybe we do.

“Otra vez nos echan la culpa a nosotros por cosas que ni siquiera tenemos la culpa!” shouts a redheaded girl at the T.V

“Desdemona ya no grites, vas a despertar a mi amá.” I whisper back

The sound of a T.V  could be heard from the background of the small cramped kitchen. It was early in the morning, the sun could be seen in the horizon through a small window. The rays of sunlight illuminated a sink, wood cabinets on the walls, a small black stove, a refrigerator and an island that took up most of the room. The island was covered by potted plants and different vials. The fridge was covered by old, yellow edged papers and on top was a small flat screen T.V.

“And clean up your mess before she gets in here.” I said referring to all the things on the table and fridge from my seat at the island.

“You know this is why you don’t have friend,” said the girl named Desdemona leaning against the island her eyes on the T.V. “you’re too much of a worrier.” With a flick of her finger the table and fridge were completely cleared off and the television shut off.

“Happy now?”

“No i’m still Andromeda” I responded sarcastically “Now get out of here before she-”

“Que les dije de hablar ingles en la casa?” demanded a voice from the door.

Turning my head towards the door I saw the voice belonged to my mom. She was in some red long sleeved pyjamas, her curly brown hair all over the place.

Panicking I rush to her blocking her view of the kitchen. If my mom saw Des I know I was bound to get in trouble.

“Que paso, que escondes? Y con quién estabas hablando?” she asked trying to look behind me.

Who was I talking with?

I heard the door leading outside shut close.

“Con Jose” I quickly reply thinking of my brother. Moving away from the door I walk towards the island getting my bookbag from the chair. Looking closer at my mom I saw she had dark circles under her eyes.

“Ama ya nos vamos Jose y yo,  mejor duermete otro rato nos vamos nosotros en el camión.” Mom worked the night shift from 3 to 3 and sometimes later so i wanted for her to get as much sleep as possible.

Rubbing her eyes she nodded her head still half asleep. Grabbing her by the hand I pulled her towards her room. Opening her door I kissed her on the cheek, then  pushed her lightly towards her bed.

Closing the door to her room I headed back to the kitchen. All evidence that Des had been here was completely gone. The kitchen was clean and everything was in its place. She had left without a word. I would probably see in her in school and ways so it didn’t matter.

Sighing I grabbed two apple and grabbed my book from the stairs and headed outside. Closing the door behind me I saw my brother sitting on the porch steps busy poking away on his phone.

“Aye piensa rapido” I said throwing one of the apples at him. Not reacting fast enough the apple hit him in the forehead.  The apple landing in his lap.

“Ouch!” He exclaimed rubbing at the growing red mark that was left by the impact. “What was that for? You could have warned me before throwing it not while it’s in the air!”

“Just making sure you’re awake.” I responded grinning. “vamonos, it’s late the bus is about to get here.”

” I don’t want to go” he groaned putting his phone is the bookbag on the ground next to him. He grabbed the apple from his lap and brushed it on his shirt.  then took a big bite from it.

“Well I didn’t ask, but if you would rather spend the rest of the day at home helping mom with the chores then-“

“On second thought school sound like fun.”

Grabbing his back we walked to the end of the street parting ways at the stop.

“Adios nos vemos al rato” I say.

“Uh huh” Jose replied waving a hand in the air already headed towards his bus stop. I could see his friends at the bus stop waiting for him. Shaking my head I braced myself for the school day.


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