Top 5 Reason You Should check out from the library

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Hey guys, it Thursday and I have currently spent a lot of time on the internet AKA Instagram and Facebook and I have seen how many people in the book community post pictures of new books the have finished reading and their book hauls. And while their pictures are always amazing and some have amazing reviews there is always something that most have in common…….they are all store-bought. Ok….I know this sounds stupid and people have a right to do whatever the heck they want butttt at times this is not the smartest thing to do. Wait don’t start hating on me yet. This is majorly my opinion and is just a way to get people to go tho the libraries. This has nothing against buying books I mostly say this because I have like 5 book purchases I plan to pre-order but a way to show once again how things could be different. To start off here are 4 reasons as to why I personally don’t buy as many books.

  1. Many people buy the books and NEVER read them. I speak from experience  One of big main points is something I have also personally done as well as some of my friends. At times you see a book and just fall in love with it you just NEED it. But  once you have it you remember all those other thousands of books that were on your TBR ages ago that you have yet to read and have not. So its most likely than not that you have to put that book off to the side and read what you’ve purchased beforehand.
  2. They cost at time A LOT of money.                                                                                  I love books I really do but when it comes to it as much as i want to I am NOT going to spend about $30 on a hardback book I want.I am aware that not all book cost that much but when its a new book and you are getting it online shipping and handling can get pretty high.  Then as you continue to browse you can just feel all your self-control leaving you as you begin to feel very sleepy….very intruiged….and you fall into a deep book slumber in which you dream books cost just about no money at all….then BAM before you know it you cart or wish list is full of books you can probably not afford and you have to feel that pain of having to remove them from your cart as they wait for you to request them from family and friends until the next christmas or birthday. Yes….I know….Depression and sad reminders is my middle name.
  3. You buy the book and don’t like it.                                                                           This is not something that happens often but I have seen this happen in the book community. You go out into the amazing world that are book stores and find a book that seems to be calling your name and begging for your love. You then in turn read the summaries and believe you have found your newest soulmate….only to read or start reading the book and absolutely having it. This hasn’t happen very often to me but i know a couple of people who just regret spending their money on books they ended up hating.
  4. too little space not enough books.                                                                             So this is for the people like me that don’t believe there is such thing as having too many books. AND NO THERE IS NO SUCH THING. But what there really is not enough room for all the precious books we need and love. When we busy book we need somewhere to put them, but where are we supposed to put them if we don’t always have enough room.

Well now that that is out of the way and you might be convinced as to why it’s not always as convenient as we want to buy books we are still going to do it anyways I know. Here are 5 reasons you should get books from the library:

  1. Feel a stronger urge and need to read the books you check out. This is a main focus of mine and reason as to why I check out.Nothing get you reading other than a good book with an intense plot and due dates. I am a person at times needs a little push to get myself to read books I have heard nothing about and even those that a lot of people have read. After finishing a book you just feel that dread and loneliness of finishing such an amazing book that you have no idea what to do with yourself. When you get books from the library there is always that little constant reminder that the books have to be returned so this kind of gives you that small shove you need to start a book you have no knowledge about or are unsure of.
  2. It’s basically free. This is a big one. Library books meaning *insert t.v adds voiceover*No purchase necessary!  Other than fines if they are late…But if you avoid that you basically have a place to borrow books for free. The only limit is if they have a check out limit…50 materials at once they say ONLY 50 who needs more…I do DUH
  3. If you don’t like it you can just put it back where it came from.  Here’s another thing that is amazing, if you check out a book and don’t like it nor ever get around to reading it you can just return it. This is something you can’t do if you own the book. If you bought it then there is no return and you have to live with the book mocking you from your shelf where you could have actually have placed a series you actually like. Plus checking out is like a trial thing you check it out and if you like it you can go ahead and buy it to keep forever.
  4. Doesn’t take up shelf space. We as readers value our shelf space. whether it be so the look nice for our Bookstagram pictures or just because that’s the respect and love they deserve from us shelf space is extremely valuable. So when we buy books we need to make sure that are valuable space is honored by the best books we can collect. So by just checking out books from the library you get to read the books and only take up shelf space for small time intervals
  5. Plus you get to meet other people who like reading. Going to the library can at times be like going to the dead of the desert…its empty…..quiet…dead…with tumbleweeds rolling across the screen. Although its quiet and at times extremely empty do you know who goes to the library for fun? Booklovers it’s not like most people go to the library for “fun” unless you’re like me and want to live there and look for books. So if you see someone at the library and they start looking for and collecting the book they are going to check out you might want to try a conversation to see if your suspicions are right and they do love books then guess who might make a friend.

I love buying books and showing them off on my bookshelf but I can’t always buy them. So the amazing alternative of getting books from the library should never be forgotten. I know some people who don’t really post book pictures and stuff because most of the books come from the library and they don’t own them, but library books are an amazing thing to count on. Libraries should be visited more. The book community itself should be a big helping factor in getting literature to grow in our communities. And one of the biggest steps is to get out there in our communities and share the joy of reading by setting an example. And remind others that no matter your situation Books will always be there for you.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Reason You Should check out from the library

  1. joreadsalot says:

    I love this post. I discovered my library only last year after moving to this city 3 years ago and I am so happy for it. It small but I love it and I can request whatever I want for the most part and they aim to always to try and get it.


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