Writing Challenge, Take Two!

The bus ride was like always. Uneventful. I spent the ride just reading and mentally preparing myself for what was bound to be a long day. Mostly considering that Des had come to my house at such an early hour. There was no doubt that she planned to get one of her missions completed today. Well not on my watch darling.

Getting to school, I put my book away in my bag and got off the bus. Getting through the metals detectors was a pain in the butt, taking about 10 minutes. As soon as I stepped through the door, I took one look and was ready to turn back home.

At the entrance was a large group of students, all dressed in the school orange and gold, hair streaked with temporary hair paint and face paint? The worst part was their screaming cheering.

And in the smack darn middle was a boy with dark red hair and bangs that I knew was Des.

It was Spirit Week. And I had forgotten.


Looking closer I noticed many of them had a shimmer around them.

Glamour, I thought, meaning that they were most likely Fae.

Sighing I started to walk around the group almost hugging the lockers hoping neither Des or anybody else that was there would notice me. Bumping into a couple of people and murmuring some quick “sorrys”, I felt a feeling of success at not being noticed began to form.

But of course as if they could read my thoughts just as I reached the door to the library-

“Andromeda!” screamed Des walking over to me. “Where’s your school spirit huh?”

Sighing I crossed my arms and turned around to face them.

“Why, hello Desdemon, how are you too, I’m fine thanks for asking,” I said dryly. Behind them I saw a few of the girls Des hung out with. I’d never been one to socialize and wasn’t exactly approachable so it was no wonder they hung back.

“Well that’s great to hear” Des replied a grin on their face “but you have yet to answer my question. Where’s your school spirit?”

“In the trash along with my will to live knowing we breath the same air.”

Raising an eyebrow Des stood a bit back as if observing what I was wearing. Unlike most of the student body I hadn’t considered nor cared about my so called “school spirit” so I went for my normal options. Jeans, muddy combat boots, a dark t-shirt, a plaid shirt and my brown hair in a side braid.

Shrugging I began to reach for the door.

“Oh no you don’t,” said Des pulling me away from the library. “you always hid in there by yourself giving off dark vibes. Today you will enjoy a great thing called socializing. Mejor que dejarte en tu esquina creando champiñones .”

Narrowing my eyes at Des, I forcefully pulled my arm back.

“Yeah, no thanks I’d rather make sure that my mushrooms are growing properly. You know without constant gloom they don’t grow properly,” I respond sarcastically.

Raising their hands Des began to back away. Remembering our meeting earlier this morning I quickly reached for Des’ arm and pulled them towards me.

“I know what you’re up to you know”

“Whatever do you mean?” Des asked innocently a sparkle in there green eyes.

“well considering that you were at my house at such an early hour and you are being not just social but decent to me. Mostly so close to a new moon so I think I can make an educated guess. No tan listos como piensan que son.

“Asi que piensas que ya sabes todo? Well then I guess I really have to step up my game. If you could guess that from such simple actions then I guess that your not as stupid as I had assumed.”

Looking into my eyes I saw as Des’ eyes went from their normal green to a dark blood red.


Hey guys so once again I have decided to struggle with writing. I suck at grammar and spelling so I appreciate feedback. Tell me you thoughts so far. Hope you enjoyed this and follow my blog for more book content and writing.


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