YA Fiction Addiction Magazine Review

Hey guys so today I bring some book talk to the site. My friend Liya created this YA book magazine and I volunteered to review it with some thought and opinions. If interest follow this link to check out the actual site. No

w straight to the review.

The Pros: this is not based on the fact that she is my friend. It is my opinion all honestly.

  1. The first Pro was in how the cover calls out to you
  2. The backgrounds are bright
  3. The articles themselves have some deep questions and quotes
  4. The topics are from a great range from book films, fandoms and interviews
  5. The diversity!!!!

The Cons: as we know without mistakes there is no success. I am being honest yet not rude.

  1. The magazine seemed to be missing this special thing for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it was bad, just that it could have had a bit more of the spark that Liya has when talking about books.
  2. The background was a bit distracting. For one of the pages the font of the article really clashed with the the background making it hard to look at.
  3. The last thing is in how when using work form others there is just a reference to them and no actual credit and acknowledgment for the writers.

Other than that I feel that to have been the first issue it was AMAZING. I also reviewed this on my book-tube so check that out. Also make sure to keep an eye out for new content. YA Fiction Addiction video


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