Supernatural Season 12 Episodes Review and Season 13 thoughts

Hey guys so as I have claimed this is a multifandom blog I of course have to blog about one of my favorite fandoms……..SUPERNATURAL! *CUE LOUD INTRO*

Before moving on I am issuing a SPOILER WARNING.


Now that we have that out-of-the-way I am going to give a moment of silence for those of us that have seen the finale.

If you have not seen the finale you are luck and no you do not have to stop reading I will be review the episodes and mark the spoilers for each one….that doesn’t make that much sense but as you go along it will…hopefully. I have reacted to these episodes on my Tumblr. So if you would like to check that out go here. This is going to be long so I would suggest getting nice and comfy.

12×1: Keep Calm and Carry On

This starts off just greATE. Everyone thinks Dean is dead and Sam gets kidnapped by this British chick (Toni). Who questions/tortures him for info on the american hunters. She tells him how Britain is perfect and monster free because we care. Sam my dear baby is physically tortured and then drugged but of course that can’t bring our Sammy down. At the same time we have Dean dealing with his resurrected mother and filling her in about her death and what has happened in those 30 some years. They then make it to the Bunker and after Mary almost killing Deans boyfriend Castiel, he tells them of Sam being samnapped (budumts). Going all Sherlock mode and having Mary suffer from the overwhelmingness of the future, Dean is able to talk to Toni. Toni sends someone to rid of our mystery solving trio but fails and gets ganked by Mary. While all that is going on Lucifer is a hunting for a new vessel to inhabit like a person shopping during black friday sales. with our favorite King of Hell (Crowley) hot on his trail.

This was an amazing kick into the season. we get straight to the action after waiting for so long for the new season.

12×2: Mamma Mia

So going in episode 2 SAm is still being tortured. All while Castiel tries to track him. Dean doesn’t want Mary to go but she still goes because no one can tell her what to do. Dean tries to unsuccessfully sneak in but gets caught. He then is tortured in front of his little brother. Mary distracts Toni and Dean knocks her out. Go team work go! This dude named Mick arrives. He kind of lets the boys go telling them they just want to work together. Yeah…right.

Image result for spn dean gif yeah right

Sam gets his meeting with his mom. *Cheers* although mom is pretty sad and mourns for John. We then find out some guy named Ketch is coming. This makes Toni look a little wary. Finally getting to better action we see Crowley attempting to track Lucifer with Rowena’s help. They find out he’s possessing old rock star Vince Vincent, Crowley’s plan fails and Rowen is captured.

this episode was an ok one not the best. we did get Sammy rescued and get some info on Lucifer. Plus we got to meet more of the British Men of Letters.

12×3: The Foundry

Now we got to see some of our favorite traditional ghost hunts. We got to see how Mary really struggled to ¨fit in¨ with the new world she is in. During the hunt we see how Mary misses what she had in heaven and how she leaves the bunker. Next we got Castiel and Crowley agreeing to team up to defeat Lucifer. Lucifer, meanwhile attempts to make Rowena give him a stronger vessel. Only to get tricked into making it decay and being sent to the bottom of the ocean.

This episode really made me question why exactly had Amara brought Mary back. She really left a hole in my stone-cold heart when she left the boys.

12×4: American Nightmare

this episode we are given a controversial hunt with a psychic girl named Magda who has been killing people unintentionally. Basically one where there is no monster but rather a person. Coming from a religious family she is force to hurt herself and called the devil. when discovered crazy mom plans to kill herself and her family with poison in their dinner. fun huh?

Image result for spn dean gif crazy

Magda’s brother saves her. then sam talks her out of killing her mom. Thanks to sam Magda plans to leave and live with her aunt. Only to be killed by Ketch who was staking the Winchesters.

The boys looked extremely cute in this episode. Plus we got to see a more traditional and used to hunt that we love this show for.

12×5: The One You’ve Been Waiting For

*One of my favorites from the whole season

This episode we get to see more of one of those side villains that the boys have faced before but we knew nothing about after: The Thule Society. this time they have an actual goal. Which is of course to revive Hitler by using his descendent, a girl named Ellie. They almost successed and we do get to see the Supernatural version of Hitler. That is untill Dean kills Hitler.

Image result for Dean killed hitler gif

Image result for Dean killed hitler gif

Image result for Dean killed hitler gif

Image result for Dean killed hitler gif

Image result for Dean killed hitler gif

you can bet a lot of people were done with Dean as he kept saying this. I personally thought it was adorable.

Ellie stops running from her life and the Thule Society is still on the loose. I do hope we see more of them in the next season because it is something that I really enjoy watching the writers play around with.

12×6: Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox

oh yes the rare hunter reunions for funerals. We not only get our boy and Mary along with many other hunters who had a relationship with the deceased and legendary hunter Asa but we also see Jody. we get to see the awkwardness between the Winchesters and see Jody, the boy’s mother like figure (in my opinion) meet Mary.  the boys find out that they are legends among a few of the hunters. Then everything goes to hell. a hunter is killed by a demon named Jael. Dean gets locked out of the house and only makes it back in with a deal with Billie the reaper. Jael possesses Jody and reveals that Asa was accidentally killed by Bucky and framed by him. I feel like this demon just didn’t want his rep ruined. During this we watch Mary struggle between killing Jody or not which she thankfully does not. Next morning we have a triple funeral and a visit from Billie who wants to reap Mary. Mary refuse yet still does not go back to the bunker.

I loved this episode because we got to see a lot of the hunter community which is something we really don’t get to see a lot of.

12×7: Rock Never Dies

this time Lucifer is temporarily back thanks to some idiots messing with a fossilized angel feather they bought on the internet. thanks guys.

Lucifer finds power in being a rock star and plans a VIP concert to kill off some people because…hes Lucifer

Image result for lucifer supernatural gif

Sam and Dean find out about this and team up with Castiel and Crowley to try to stop him. In the end thanks to a scared band mate, they find out where it’s at. The boys then go to the rescue trying not to look obvious. They are able to get the people out and fight Lucy.

Related image
Image result for spn rock never dies gif

Lucifer reveals he is petty, has no plan and is mad at Chuck for saying sorry only to leave him. Now he just wants to have fun hurting people. The battle destroys his vessel and he escapes.

I honestly love episodes with Lucifer but with out Mark there is no Lucifer,

12×8: Lotus

Lucifer  possesses the President of the United States.   does he gets Kelly Kline E with a Nephilim. this of course alerts the Winchesters,Crowley, Castiel, and Rowena. Lucifer sends the Secret Service to kill the Winchesters, but they are rescued by Ketch, who provides them with a device capable of expelling any angel or demon from their vessel. To get Lucifer Castiel kidnaps Kelly and get her to cooperate and call him to a motel where they ambush him. using the device lucifer is exorcise and Rowena banishes him to the cage. Then our boys are arrested by the Secret Service, who think the boys were trying to kill the President. Kelly rather than aborting the Nephilim she flees from Castiel.

Image result for spn loctus gif

ok so now I’m tired so Im going to use my resources and stop with the long summaries. if you want to get summaries go to wikipedia because I am lazy. I will be posting comment though. so if you’ve made it this far keep going.

12×9: First Blood

I loved how this episode really portrayed what the Winchesters are really capable of. Many of us know and love the boys but to a normal person these boys look like psychopaths. Image result for spn first blood gifPlus we got to see what the boys still mean to Castiel as he saves them from their foolish deal.Related image While this episode really ignites my hate for the BMOL.

Image result for spn first blood gif

12×10: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

YESSS an episode where we get to see a bit of Castiels past. which is something that we normally have not gotten a lot of so yes i AM HAPPY. Can we also talk about that Castiels vessel was a girl. I love.

Image result for dean gif

12×11: Regarding Dean

this episode was so sad and cute and help me.

Image result for spn gif 12x11
Image result for spn gif 12x11
Image result for spn gif 12x11 dean tries remembering

Just watching dean forget everything about himself and his life was so hard.Image result for spn gif 12x11

I really loved this. then the little notes  left to help Dean.

Image result for spn gif 12x11

Related image

Quote from Supernatural 12x11 │ Dean Winchester: This is a gun. This is a coat. This is a…a…a… light stick. Sam Winchester: A light st– All right. We’re gonna get you some help. Dean Winchester: Look, we could figure this out, okay? Don’t go callin’ Mom or Cass with this. Sam Winchester: Fine, but until you get better… (Sam puts post-it note on the lamp with the word “Lamp”) Dean Winchester: Lamp. Right. So close.

I just loved how Dean and his humor this episode.His kind of bonding with Rowena was also cute.

Related image

Image result for spn gif 12x11 dean tries remembering

and how Dean would be without his life as a hunter and how much he truly loves his life regardless of how hard it is.

Image result for spn gif 12x11 dean tries remembering

12×12: Stuck in The Middle (With You)

I loved the way this episode was formated all fun and games although it isn’t. the wiki description is so dead. Castiel..almost died..again. Castiel just makes this episode so emotional. I can not deal with how he thought he was going to die and it was just…Image result for gif stuck in the middle with you castiel stabbed by lanceImage result for gif stuck in the middle with you castiel stabbed by lance

and then the amazingly shippable moment.Related image

and the spoiler we got for Lucifer

12×13: Family Feud

this episode was ok. I really liked the fact that they resolved that whole thing with ¨what happend to Gavin¨was it nessary? no but its better than leaving it and then creating this issue like Adam. Marys confession was hard on the boys considering their hate for the BMOL. Then Rowena’s revenge for what Crowley made her do was just..stop.

12×14: The Raid

Oh yes the deeper introduction of the Men of Letters. I really do hate them and now even more. The think all monsters are bad and that is something I just don’t like. Kill off all the Vampires in America sure that’s a pie of cake. I loved Dean for forgiving his mom and being the bigger person even though he disagreed with what they were doing. Yet I did not feel anything there. No love no nothing. Which was kind of sad. jusT empty as if Dean didn{t know what to make out of the situation.

12×15: Somewhere Between Heaven or Hell

This was an episode I was very exited for and was not disappointed. I loved that we got to see more of the hellhounds. Especially one of the first like Ramesy. As for Sam sending them on missions….I knew there was bound to be some tension should Dean find out. Considering that Dean hated them after everything they did to sam.  As for Lucifer you can bet your phone I was excited to see Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer once again. he has made an amazing act at creating the Lucifer we have all learned to love. As for how Crowley warded him I was very surprised.

Image result for lucifer spn gif

Then we have Castiel trying to find Kelly. We also find out that the angels have a new leader Joshua, which was a bit surprising. I wished we could have seen what really went down in heaven and how things are running.

12×16: Ladies Drink Free

Oh yes the traditional werwolf hunt. I loved how we got to see my favorite girl Claire. Then we also got to see the BMOL believes and way of doing things. Which is not good. Its like the Winchester’s old way of shoot first ask questions later that they kind of grew out of. I also enjoyed watching the boys turn Mick to the Winchester ways of doing things and how their ways were wrong….BUt I still don’t exactly trust him. THEN DEAN AT THE HOTEL WAS JUST PRECIOUS.

12×17: The British Invasion

We get intel on the BMOL way of doing things that just show how messed up they are. Then we get the Colt from them, that Mary stole, which almost got Castiel killed. Mary also FREAKING SLEPT WITH THE ENEMY. WHAT.THE.HECK. this is why Mary really got a lot of hate from us. First leaving the boys and now messing around with the enemy.

So kidnapped Kelly plan fails and Dagon appears. And Eileen accidentally kills Renny and she clearly looks torn about. I could not deal with all the emotion on her face. She is a hunter meant to protect people and she just accidentally shot someone. Of course she was Image result for british invasion spn gif

And am I the only one that saw a shippable thing between her and Sam?

12×18: The Memory Remains

So Mick is dead. I was a bit upset by this considering he was on of the only descent human in the group. Now Ketch goes and invades the boys home which really pissed mo off. He sends them after a case which brings back our normal hunting. after the hunt we get to see the boys consider what will happen after the world no longer has them. and the mark they want to leave on the world. then they carve their mark

Image result for 12x18 season 12 spn gif

Image result for sw dw season 12 spn gif

12×19: The Future

Kelly’s attempt suicide is something very fragile for many people. then how she is brought back and feels it’s a sign of goodness… I was literally terrified. That freaking kid is no good he wants you dead…right? Can we talk about the fact that all the leaders of heaven have died or been really bad? I had such high hopes that with this leader heaven was going to be better….until he died. Then Castiel connects with the baby and now thinks he is good? at least he has a stronger mojo.

12×20: Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

I loved how we got to see the twin hunter-Witches,Max and Alicia. I really loved those short moments we got to see them in a previous episode. Yet the deaths in this episode were pretty harsh considering we do not know much about them. At the end we see Max make a doll of his sister and leave. I really want to see them next season and see how he continues with his new life of lies.

then the discovery of The BMOL plan to kill the American hunters was something we were bound to expect but was pretty harsh once admitted.

12×21: There’s Something About Mary

American hunters are being killed and Mary brainwashed to do it. Which is not ok. the boys finding out they are being watch. Eileen is killed and i am not ok with Sams reaction to the news. I felt like he really did care for her and he took the news very lightly. Crowley once again working with the enemy. Lucifer getting free meant things were about to go down. Not reassuring for the boys He tries to kill Crowely but Crowely isn’t that easy to kill.

12×22: Who We Are

Mary killing hunters. NOT.OK.Then going after Jody.  I was so freaking worried for Jody. I knew she was perfectly capable of defending herself but we all know the writers hate against strong women. she thankfully does not die thanks to Alex.

Winchesters locked in the bunker. their savior? the grenade launcherImage result for 12x22 spn gif dean and mary

Image result for supernatural gif season 12 finale

My favorite part: we got to see character development at its finest. Sams speech to the hunts was amazing and how rather than Dean the ¨little Winchester¨ is leading the hunters against the BMOL. and his amazing speech

Image result for 12x22 spn gif

we also got to see how not every hunter love the boys.

Image result for 12x22 spn gif

Dean speech to Mary. I loved this so much. This was why Mary was brought back. This is what Amara wanted for Dean. Dean had to forgive his mother for everything he was forced to suffer through.

Image result for 12x22 spn gif dean and mary

The raid ends and our hunters win but they do suffer casualties. I wonder if and how more hunters will join. oh and we also get our broken little family hug surrounded by death because this is Supernatural.Image result for family hug season 12x22 spn gif

12×23: All Along the Watchtower

Honestly this is the best and worst finale the writers could have given to us. It is honestly no wonder that this show has gone on for this long. The whole last 10 minutes are just a big ball of hurt and death and pain.

*Spoiler* I have rewatched Castiel’s death so many times(7 times?) since it aired and I cry every time.

Image result for castiel die 12x23 gif finale


If there was ever an episode were you can say that everyone died this is it.

*Spoilers* to have some fun with this, let us list all the people who have died. YAY

  1. Rowena: I am one of those fans that is actually really sad about HOW Rowena died. I feel like they did not do justice to her character. after so many times that she has avoided death and the dramatic and witchy ways she has avoided being killed I am NOT ok with this. Not only did she die, which of course we knew was bound to happen. if you didn’t then i have no idea what you have been watching. she was killed by Lucifer who wanted revenge which was completely understandable but she had an OFF SCREEN DEATH. THis is not what both the character and the actor deserve after everything they have lived through. So I am one of those many fans that refuses to believe that Rowena will not be coming back.
  2. Crowley:So first of all how dare you and second of all HOW.DARE.YOU Crowely is literally many fans favorite villain many of us just love to hate. He has always been one step ahead of the boys.Image result for crowley die 12x23 finale gif
  3. Kelly: oh sweet and innocent Kelly. I literally did not feel other than pity for what she had to suffer through. She had nothing to do with any of the Supernatural world. she wa just at the wrong place wrong time kind of thing. I really wish she had not been pulled into this world for no other reason than to be used.
  4. Mary (not really actually in alternate dimension): Mary, Mary, Mary *sigh* honestly this last season has left me with so many mixed feelings about her. there were times I loved her and her badass ways. then there were times when I couldn’t deal with her. That does not mean I do not want to see what the writers have in store for our great mom. I think nothing considering she was just trapped with a really pissed looking Lucifer in another dimension with no apparent way back.
  5. Castiel: If I thought that Crowley’s death was bad and that that was all I would have to suffer that night then I must have forgotten what the heck I was watching. I have no idea what made the authors think “hey you know what would be fun? Lets kill Castiel!” WHAT.THE.HECK. this was not ok. I absolutely loved and hated how they killed him when we though everything was ok and then making him make it out of the portal and fall in front of Dean….. There were so many tears that night and not just mine. I sometimes live blog on Tumblr while watching and all the people who were watching were a MESS. I can not even deal with how many people claimed to leave the fandom if Castiel was actually dead. Many were and are denying his death. *SPOILER FOR 13* So a few days ago after watching the finale’s last 10 mins on Netflix for like the 5th time, I was looking for some new edits to make me cry from feels, WHen all of a sudden I found his videos from the cons of Jared spoiling that Castiel is coming back . Then of Misha confirming. I was estatic…untill Misha said that we had to consider HOW Castiel is going to come back….meaning im scared and sad now.


A lot has gone down this season that I cannot wait to see how our wonderful boys resolve this new conflict. conflict being the Nephilim that many of us are calling Jack. I feel like it might end up being a bit like with the darkness. They have it then they lose it and spend most of the season chasing him until the end. Which would give us an amazing ending once again.

As for the Supernatural and Scooby-Doo cross over is something many of us are excited for and have long-awaited. I cannot wait to see how they mix both of this amazing things. And of course see how Castiel works in this episode. It is said to be the 16(?) episode of season 13. I have always seen some pictures of mixing both we get to really see what it would be like.

Image result for spn scooby doo crossover

Image result for spn scooby doo crossover

Image result for spn scooby doo crossover

Last Thoughts

this has been sooo good. It had a few  episodes were you feel the feels so much that new fans understand why this is one of the fandoms that you do not want to join unless you want to die/cry/laugh all at the same time. Butowsitissoworthit

This was not just the first time that I have seen Supernatural on the CW and I got to blog with people on Tumblr but it was definitely one of the seasons were we  got to see much of Crowley and Castiel’s past that we have not really been able to explore. Then we also hav the fact that Croley is really dead. We even got Mark saying good-bye.

Image result for mark sheppard even when i lose i win
see his Instagram post here. He will most definitly be missed and hes gona and its not ok noimnotcrying…maybe

There was also so much character developement from our amazing boys. I loved how we got our usual hunts and the new things that the authors just love messing around with. While many of us shippers got our amazing Destiel moments because yes I am a shipper. Having said that I am excited for what the new season brings and the feels that most definitely will be felt this fall. Now if you would excuse me I’m going to binge watch the show as I wait for Season 13.



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