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The Covers and Titles That Brought Us Together

People are always saying don’t judge a book by its cover. Although many of us readers try to refrain from doing so, considering that you have things like cover changes or very old books with questionable cover art, that doesn’t mean we are immune from the pull of pretty cover art and an intriguing title. Considering theres also the option of foreign editions and all those beautiful covers😍.This weeks Top Ten Tuesday were talking about

Extraordinary Book Titles (submitted by Elise @ A Book and a Cup)
Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.

But since we’re already talking about covers let us tweak it and do not just titles, but also cover art.

Wayward Son

Image result for wayward son

I STILL need to get my hands on this. My library is just taking a couple hundred years getting actually getting it. Honestly I love the moon edition and I plan to gift it to myself for Christmas. As far as the title, I honestly always related Carry On with the song Carry On by Kansas so getting to see Carry On and Wayward Son makes me feel very satisfied.

Wild Beauty

Image result for wild beauty book

Currently reading this one actually. And I can’t help but love this cover. I’m not very fond of flowers but this book looks gorgeous.  And although very simple, I am fond of the books title.

Emergency Contact

Image result for emergency contact book

The book was most definitely a cover read. Again very simple title but the possibilities for this one were many. Pink is actually not my most favorite colors but I couldn’t help fall for the beautiful cover art and the gold accents.

A Crystal of Time

Related image1600 × 2479

I remember this one so much because I waited weeks for the cover reveal and was in the middle of choir practice when it dropped. To say I was excited and loved it is putting it very lightly. I feel like from this series this has to be my favorite title and cover. I mean the colors and the characters☺️

Blanca & Roja

Image result for blanca y roja book

Both the title and the art match and that is incredibly satisfying for me. In a time in which titles are “A ______ of ______ and ______” I enjoy how the character’s names are actually in the title and how the cover has a lot of the story’s elements in it.

The Prince and the Dressmaker

Image result for the prince and the dress maker

The art for this one is just incredibly gorgeous and I feel it’d be a crime to talk about pretty books and not include this one. The title also gives it a whole fairy tale feel to it that I really appreciate.

With the Fire on High

Image result for with the fire on high

I love food and I am in love with the representation this book has. We get to see a girl of color on the cover and if that not enough to attract your attention the title better be.

Anonymous Noise vol 14

Image result for anonymous noise 14

I honestly really loved when the cover art started this whole thing of switching for solid color to just white. It would seem very simple to some but I feel like based on the story acrs and the character designs that just show off all they got on these books it was a great choice.

The Boy Who Steals Houses

Image result for the boy who steals houses

I don’t encourage stealing but I like a good thief. So yes this title did catch my attention when it was first announce without cover. Then the actual cover just forgot to ask questions and added it to priority need to get my hands on it TBR.

Storm and Fury

Image result for storm and fury

I actually just finished this one and it’s also JLA, so all the bias. It just matches so well, and the cover art is just like this beautiful ribbon that you don’t want to undo because the present itself looks gorgeous as is.

10 thoughts on “The Covers and Titles That Brought Us Together”

      1. I just looked up the synopsis, because I wasn’t sure if I had looked into it before, and it sounds really good! I think I’ll add it to my TBR.


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